Tuition and Financial Aid


We offer scholarships with living allowances to international candidates for our full-time MBA program.

What are we looking for

In deciding to award scholarships for the full-time MBA, we consider a combination of merit and diversity within the program cohort. You will be assessed on the strength of your application, statement of motivation and interview performance.

How to apply

To apply for the scholarship, you must apply for the full-time MBA. Please provide any supporting information in your statement of motivation about your academic achievements, community involvement and extra-curricular activities, leadership qualities, awards and recognition.


The University's tuition fees are reviewed annually and may be varied during the period of study.

Registration fee: 400 Yuan, to be paid at the registration.
Tuition fee: All international students could apply for scholarship with waiver of tuition fee and a maximum of 2000 Yuan per month during academic period as living allowance.
*All tuition fee and scholarship details follow the policies of the Minjiang University.
Accommodation fee: If you would like to apply for a school accommodation, the fee is about 2600 Yuan per person annually for twin room (restroom, air conditioner, water heater)
Other fees: The amount of 2000 Yuan per person annually, including text book fee, physical examination fee, visa fee, residence permit, comprehensive health insurance fee for foreigners, and so on. Please refer to the actual prices for reference.
Living Cost: 1500 Yuan per person annually.

Xiong Ling

Part-time class 2017

Sugar Interconnection (Guangzhou) Intelligent Terminal Co., Ltd.

Newhuadu Business School has beautiful campus, with supreme campus buildings. Excellent faculties and course setting provide guidance to our jobs and provoke our thought. My classmates come from different industries and fields, and most of them are prominent people with innovative ideas, entrepreneurship experience or entrepreneurial dream. Here, we learn from each other and make progress together, not only establishing friendship with classmates, but also finding like-minded partners. If you have dream, don’t hesitate to make application to become one of us in Newhuadu Business School to create a new world.