Experiential Learning

Double-mentor mechanism

NBS adopts traditional “Master-Apprentice System” development mode. The School is not only staffed with academic mentors to supervise students’ studies and academic papers, but also has connected with social elites in all walks of life, including enterprise founders, investors, financier, and governmental officials to act as entrepreneurial mentors. Therefore, NBS is able to fully exert advantages of school and society by integrating two different kinds of educational environment resources, and provide practical guidance in perspectives of enhancement of occupational ability, application of theoretical knowledge, career development plan, case study, business practice, and expansion of interpersonal relationships.

Practical teaching

With the aim to develop on-the-job knowledge and skills of students, NBS adopts interactive teaching mode with strong practicability. The School sets real-life management situation and implements practical teaching forms, such as case teaching, business simulation, group discussion, and team work, so as to let students “learning management in management”.

Second classroom

Taking “Entrepreneurial education+” as a concept, the School carries out interactive “Second Classroom” activities by gathering resources in entrepreneurial networks to provide support for students during whole studying journey. By sharing experience and carrying out entrepreneurship activities (such as entrepreneurship salon, entrepreneurship lectures, financial lectures, business roadshow contests, entrepreneurship training camp, entrepreneurship consultancy, and private board of directors, stimulate brain storming, share wisdoms), NBS strives to provide MBA students and schoolmates a high-caliber platform to show entrepreneurship and innovation consciousness, to find and initiate entrepreneurial opportunities, and to enhance ability of entrepreneurial resource integration. Moreover, students proactively participate in various public service activities to deliver social responsibilities.