Admission Procedure


The interviews are just conversations about your personal information, further study plan and your career ambitions in China.

Why does NBS interview?

Who gets invited to interview?

When will I find out if I have been invited to interview?

Who will interview me?

What are NBS looking for?

What will I be asked?

Do I have to ask a question at the end?

Yan Xiaoyang

Full-time class 2016

Commercial staff
Fuzhou Power Plant, Huaneng Power International Inc.

What attract me most are my mentors and classmates from Newhuadu Business School. Classmates are from different industries, with unique characteristics and similarity. They are optimistic, active, conscientious and willing to challenge. Mentors from Newhuadu Business School are like my parents and friends. They guide us to open the door of entrepreneurship by comprehensive knowledge, broad vision and rich experience; meanwhile, they stay with us and support us silently on the road to the success.