Yang Haikun

Full-time class 2016
Founder and CEO
Shanghai Kuntong Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Make Zhongchuang Space Management Co., Ltd.
The primary cause to select Newhuadu Business School is to “find solution”. When starting my own business, I encountered lots of problems, and I need to get down finding solutions. Senior mentors from Newhuadu, based on theory and practice, provide guidance to help us to find approaches for the settlement. Secondly, most of classmates are entrepreneurs. We can learn from each other and help each other, and find lots of cooperative opportunities. Moreover, overseas study tour organized by Newhuadu enables us broader our eyes and develop more ways of thinking. I earnestly hope I could keep improving myself and reach a new and higher level during my study in Newhuadu.

Wang Xiaoyun

Chairman, Council of NBS
Full-time class 2016
HR manager
Vats Group
Looking back on my gains and improvement obtained from Newhuadu Business School, I am really appreciated and grateful for my choice. Newhuadu Business School is a business school oriented at entrepreneurship and innovation. As a professional human resource manager, although I don’t directly participate in entrepreneurship, I still have to make innovation of my knowledge and self-cognition due to innovation of enterprise. Excellent mentors teach us how to improve our psychology and skills by broad academic horizons and rich practical experience. When I feel confused, my knowledgeable, capable and aspiring elite classmates help me a lot and spare no effort to support me. The moment you think about giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long. On the tireless struggling journey, I am thankful for my school, mentors and classmates from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy that I have joined this warm family. Newhuadu, will always be a beacon on the road of my work life.

Yan Xiaoyang

Full-time class 2016
Commercial staff
Fuzhou Power Plant, Huaneng Power International Inc.
What attract me most are my mentors and classmates from Newhuadu Business School. Classmates are from different industries, with unique characteristics and similarity. They are optimistic, active, conscientious and willing to challenge. Mentors from Newhuadu Business School are like my parents and friends. They guide us to open the door of entrepreneurship by comprehensive knowledge, broad vision and rich experience; meanwhile, they stay with us and support us silently on the road to the success.

Wang Xianbin

Part-time class 2017
Zhongliangbao (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
I have gained a lot after studying MBA courses in Newhuadu Business School. Two aspects have impressed me deeply: firstly, mentors are down-to-earth. Most of them have experience of entrepreneurship, so they help us put forward problems, analyze problems and solve problems combined their own experience with theoretical knowledge and our actual situation, which is really helpful; secondly, classroom atmosphere is active and lively. I not only have enjoyed feast of collision of ideas, but also know many elites from different industries and fields, which make my vision broadened and help with each other.

Xiong Ling

Part-time class 2017
Sugar Interconnection (Guangzhou) Intelligent Terminal Co., Ltd.
Newhuadu Business School has beautiful campus, with supreme campus buildings. Excellent faculties and course setting provide guidance to our jobs and provoke our thought. My classmates come from different industries and fields, and most of them are prominent people with innovative ideas, entrepreneurship experience or entrepreneurial dream. Here, we learn from each other and make progress together, not only establishing friendship with classmates, but also finding like-minded partners. If you have dream, don’t hesitate to make application to become one of us in Newhuadu Business School to create a new world.

Zhou Liuzhou

The 2014 graduate of Finance,
master of The Chinese university of Hong Kong.
I am the first financial professional undergraduate of NBS, master of the Chinese university of Hong Kong,working in a bank in Hong Kong after graduation.It is a very precious experience to be able to participate in and witness college go all the way from creation to today nearly seven years .I think the university four years is the key to set up the outlook on life and values, I was lucky to meet Mr. He and many knowledgeable professors in the NBS, NBS’s cultivation and learning environment makes I can still firmly own life path.Sincerely wish the NBS even better.

Weng Kehuang

2014 graduate of finance,
University of Maryland postgraduate student.
NBS is the right choice to begin my career in financial industry. With excellent GPA, GMAT, TOEFL and other achievements received from undergraduate studies in NBS, I have successfully gotten my Master of Finance degree from University of Maryland and green-card sponsorship to work in U.S. NBS taught me to be kind and brave, to stay curious and keep moving forward, and to think big.

Zhang Guocai

2015 graduate of Finance,
University of Zurich, Switzerland.
Six years ago (2011), because of Mr.Chen, the chairman of the charity determination, because of spirit of innovation and school-running mode of the new huadu business school , China’s connotation of a world-class business school education vision and Mr.He’s faculty of education and feelings, I chose new huadu business school.After the graduation of undergraduate course, I chose new huadu business school (Switzerland) MAS project, continue to work with new huadu business schools .Thank you for the cultivation of the college, let my life have more possible.At present ,I am responsible for the company’s operations of a Swiss enterprises in China.Facing many choices and opportunities which benefit from the business school undergraduate cultivation of good habits and attitudes, as well as the thinking and the ways to solve the problem.

Chen Yingrong

Graduate of Finance in 2015,
Enrolled in the master program of University of Zurich, Switzerland.
Currently I am doing my master degree in European and Chinese Business Management and in the meanwhile I am working as an intern for Bucher Management AG.
It’s been two years since I graduated from NBS. As much as I am missing everything at NBS I am very grateful to NBS for providing this wonderful platform, from where I gained my knowledge, skill-set, most importantly, thinkability. I am very gald my path crossed with NBS. And for every NBSer or to-be-NBSer, I wish you all the happiness in you study, career, and life.

Dai Youqing

2015 graduate of Accounting,
Renmin university of China.
I feel very lucky to study in NBS, it is a school of free learning atmosphere, rights and interests of students fully respected, the broad space to grow up .In NBS free and full four years, from the monitor to the office secretary to the counselor assistant,my communication, organization and coordination ability and the ability to solve the problem has been a good exercise from the student work.Because of NBS’s good conditions, I wish to be as an exchange student of Peking University.On the other hand, because my school supports, I can go to the renmin university of China and work in the news industry.I grow up a lot all the way , a mentor is the biggest harvest, no regret, only gratitude!

Lin Yi

2016 graduated from Finance,
Columbia University,USA.
Thanks for the support of Mr Chen and NBS, let me have a chance to come to Columbia University to study, study abroad more than half a year has gone through many unbelievable things, had a lot of fun, met many interesting people. The world outside is very big, I am here waiting for the junior ~

Li Qiaoqiao

2016 Finance,
MSc Finance and Investment, University of Nottingham.
NBS is going to be a more successful world-class business school. Studying in NBS has been a truly life-changing experience for me. I would like to express the deepest appreciation to Mr Fashu Chen, the chairman of Newhuadu Group. Enjoying the world-class equipment and teachers in NBS would not have been possible without the financial support from New Huadu Foundation. Then, thanks for the valuable guidance from the lectures and other staff of NBS.

Zhang Huachao

Bachelor of Accounting, Class of 2017,
MPA (Master of Professional Accounting) Candidate in Singapore Management University.
The experience studying in New Huadu Business School is the most unforgettable memory of my life. I made many intimate friends who are capable and trustworthy, and met many respectable professors who gave me strong support. Our textbooks, which are international version, and our foreign teacher made our class more international. Besides, we have many advanced classrooms and comfortable group project rooms, which enable us to study at any time and in a comfortable environment. I widened my eyes during past four years and I decided to further my education in Singapore to become more competitive. I want to express my gratitude to Mr. Chen, because he gave us scholarship to support our education, and I cannot go abroad without the scholarship.

Li Hanyu

Graduated from Finance in 2017
Now study at University of Zurich
NBS is a school with world-class professor team and teaching facilities, and the school is able to stand out among competitors when it comes to attracting international students, operating master’s programs, and enhancing employability. Throughout my four-year academic year here in NBS, I do not only learn a lot of professional knowledge and adequately prepared for my overseas study, but also enhanced my inter-personal and communication skills. I sincerely recommend high school graduates to come and join us in NBS!

Cai Yihua

Graduate of accounting,2017,
Study at City Uniersity of Hong Kong.
It’s lucky for me to stduy at Newhuadu Business School.I was originally attracted by this school for the bilingual teaching mode and exchange opportunities. And when I began to study in the Newhuadu Business School, I find there are lots of surprises waiting for me.No matter in terms of teaching or student associations,our school will fully respect the wishes of students, give each student the greatest development platform.Also influences by our school’s international vision,I finally decided to study abroad. I firmly believe that in the future,Newhuadu Business School can achieve the blueprint setted up since the beginning of planning.Meanwhile,looking forward more excellent students to become a family member of Newhuadu Business School.

Zhu Jia

Graduate of Finance in 2016,
Enrolled in the master program of Cardiff University.
During the four-year university life, I have grown more and more mature not only with the increasing knowledge but the rational thinking. Most importantly, those nice professors and classmates who used to give me support and encouragement have become the valuable treasure in my life. I will always feel grateful for this memorable college time in New Huadu Business School.

Wei Hao

2015 graduated from Accounting,
University of Leicester for Master degree, UK.
I studied at University of Leicester for Master after I graduated from NBS in 2015, and now I work for SinoSteel. First of all, NBS is a very loving collective, and all the members are very inclusive and easy to make friends. During my college time, I have developed many social skills, such as communication and cooperation. Secondly, English teaching is really great! As we know, the ability of English expression is a soft-skill in modern society. NBS lays an excellent solid foundation for it. Learning with English teaching materials is fantastic, which supports me to go abroad and assists me to adapt into foreign life in a short time. To be honest, even my current job owed to the fluent English expression ability. I was also good at observing and solving some difficulties that encountered in the early stages of my work, which was also due to the working experience in NBS. National College Entrance Examination is the test of your previous study, treat it carefully. Live up to the youth that we shed for it. At the same time, it is also a starting point for learning. In the future, we will be freer than ever before, but please, learning and make yourself to become an interesting person.

Liu Wei

2014 graduate of Finance,
the University of Southern California.
Graduated from school for more than three years, far away from Fuzhou, but I always feel never leave the place where starts my dream.Though young and ignorant,I can have a opener eyesight here,view the Nobel master elegant demeanour and discuss business ups and downs with industry leaders.Also because of the edification of NBS environment where provides a broad platform, constantly pushing myself realize their dreams.A lifetime of mentor is my greatest achievement in the NBS.There is no denying the fact that I can be myself today, there is a strong relationship with NBS’s nurture.Do not forget the past strong network.Never forget the inculcation of former coach.Never forget Mr Chen, chairman of the selfless dedication of love.Proud of becoming the first NBS student,I sincerely invite the outstanding graduates of the university entrance exam to join the NBS family.