We are concentrating on solving the real-life issues of Chinese enterprises and provide professional support in boosting the global competitiveness of Chinese enterprises.


Our vision is to "become a world-class business school with Chinese wisdom and global impact”.


Newhuadu Business School (NBS) is a public institution of higher education funded by New Huadu Foundation. With the mission of becoming a world-class business school with Chinese wisdom, NBS is committed to training innovative and enterprising young talents and internationalized talents to inject energy into China's economy.

In response to international practice, NBS exercises the "board-led system of dean responsibility"--a modern school governance mode, and has established a corresponding organizational structure. In its early days, NBS positioned its operations as entrepreneurship & innovation, and made bold innovation in operational pattern, governing structure and teaching mode, thus being recommended as a pilot education and reform unit by the Ministry of Education. In 2013, in the context of globalization of Chinese enterprises and education, NBS repositioned its operations as co-development of entrepreneurship & innovation and internationalization.

NBS has a strong capacity to integrate global educational and research resources. Professor Edmund S. Phelps, 2006 Nobel laureate in Economics and Director of the Center on Capitalism and Society of Columbia University, joined The New Huadu Business School as the Dean upon its inception, and taking charge of NBS' strategic management, academic research and international cooperation. Besides, NBS has attracted and invited an array of distinguished professors and entrepreneurs of top institutions of higher learning and enterprises from home and abroad to build a high-caliber, internationalized and diversified teaching team.

NBS has established a couple of research institutions like Newhuadu Economy and Management Institute, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Case Study Center and China Energy Economics and Low-carbon Development Institute, bringing together world top experts and scholars to focus on major economic and management issues from a global perspective and contribute wisdom to the sustainable development of Chinese enterprises and China's economy.

With educational programs like undergraduate education, MBA in Entrepreneurship, iMBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, NBS has preliminarily established a multi-level organizational structure. With 4 institutions globally, NBS has completed the establishment of its strategic layout, and formed the feature of school operating in multiple locations.

NBS, which has operated and leaped by innovation, will continue stimulating its innovation energy, and endeavor to become an everlasting and dynamic business school with international influence.