Dean’s Message

Dean’s Message

I met Newhuadu Business School in 2013, when I was still the Dean of the School of Management at Jinan International University in Taiwan. Since then, I have specially organized a team of top professors for the Newhuadu Business School. Each year, I led nearly 100 undergraduate second-year students and shared with them the satisfaction and happiness gained from study until I successfully retired as Dean a few years later.

In response to the global recruitment campaign for the Dean of the School of Business, I resigned as a faculty member in Taiwan in the middle of 2018 and came to join NBS. The first dean of NBS is Professor Edmund Phelps, Nobel laureate in economics. He is a respected senior scholar in the global economics field, which made this inheritance significant. Professor Phelps has long been concerned about China's economic development, and has put forward many valuable recommendations on national policy in various fields such as innovation and entrepreneurship, and made the best interpretation for the goal of developing Business Schools into the national economic and business policy think tank. Therefore, I hope that the teachers and students of our school can collaborate to continuously demonstrate the ability as national research platforms or think tanks, cultivate sensitivity to changes in international business formats, and carry forward the concept of the founding dean.

Secondly, first-class business schools should have advanced educational concepts and top-tier research energy, which lead the development of NBS and allow us to catch the world trend. Since the goal of our school is to train international leading talents for future industries, our School needs to use the latest teaching methods as a tool to guide students in applying practice into real-life world and improve their ability as international traders. On the other hand, research is the vocation of university professors. Through research, teachers continue to deepen their own professions. They can not only package the most cutting-edge knowledge into classroom teaching, but also teach students to choose the right research methods to independently and systematically analyze the problems.

Finally, never forget that the Business School stemmed from Mr. Chen Fashu's goodwill and guardianship, which strives to provide talents with lofty ideals a most beautiful learning environment. Our teachers and students should also share this goodness at the right time in the appropriate way to those who need it, thereby achieving an elegant and extraordinary life.

Lin lin
Dean of New Huadu Business School
(Translated and Organized by Ling He)